Patrick & Grace5:21


Patrick, an elite athlete who also volunteers at animal shelters, encounters a severely abused dog whom he immediately adopts. Soon after rescuing Grace, Patrick suffers a stroke during a weightlifting competition. It is Grace—still recovering from trauma herself—who gives Patrick hope to overcome his sudden physical and mental health challenges.

Strength isn’t always physical ability. Watching Grace get better after all she had been through was the strength I needed to start a new life. Seeing how sweet Grace is, you’d never know her story. She didn’t give up when someone gave up on her. I’m thankful we found each other.”

Patrick Donovan

Thank you for a tremendous film night—it was brilliant! My husband was with me. He suffered a stroke four years ago. ‘Patrick & Grace,’ the film of the body builder who suffered a stroke, had an impact on my husband. It was a very similar story for him, as our Rottweiler wouldn’t leave his side when he returned from hospital.”  

Gloria, audience member, Top Dog Film Festival 2021, Alice Springs, Australia

  • Top Dog Film Festival

  • I’ll never be the athlete I was, but Grace has changed my definition of strength.”
    Patrick Donovan