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If your organization is seeking a compelling philanthropic brand partner, Mutual Rescue would love to hear from you.


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Acton Family Giving

Nikki and Rich Beyer family

Sue Diekman and John Diekman

Blythe Jack and Bob Rider

Kingsley Jack and Derk Hunter

Dave Jacquin

Kathy McCranie and Dan McCranie

Charu Ramaprasad and Kurt Krukenberg 

Rebecca Ranninger Owen and Marc Owen

Timi Sobrato and John M. Sobrato

Willow, N, and P

Why Support Mutual Rescue?

Our creative content and programs resonate because Mutual Rescue conveys a universal truth: Saving shelter animals is as life-changing for the person adopting as it is for the companion animal.

We invite corporate sponsors to support Mutual Rescue so that millions more people will be moved to help their communities’ animals shelters and rescue groups by donating, adopting, fostering, and volunteering.

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  • Here at Backcountry, we’re really excited to be able to use our platform to elevate awareness and financial support for Mutual Rescue’s mission and the amazing work that they’re doing.”
    Sarah Crockett, Chief Marketing Officer, Backcountry

National Initiative, Local Impact

Corporations that support Mutual Rescue are helping independent animal shelters and rescue organizations in communities throughout the United States.

Sustainable funding allows Mutual Rescue to offer:

  • Grants to animal shelters for lifesaving work
  • Programs to help homeless companion animals find homes
  • Creative content, including films, books, workshops, and events

Donations to Mutual Rescue are tax-deductible.

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