Designed by Mutual Rescue for animal shelters, rescue groups, and others helping homeless companion animals in their communities

 2021/09/8P6A2511.jpg Photo by Kurt Krukenberg
Photo by Kurt Krukenberg

Doggy Day Out

Mutual Rescue’s Doggy Day Out is a short-term foster program where the public can take dogs from local shelters on day outings. A Doggy Day Out can include a hike, a trip to a beach or lake, or even a sleepover. These field trips help shelter dogs manage kennel stress, burn off energy, and get more exposure to potential adopters. It’s a great excuse to get out and have fun with a canine sidekick.

Take a Dog Out

 2021/08/Doggy-Day-Out@3x.jpg Photo by Kurt Krukenberg
Photo by Kurt Krukenberg

Host a Film Event

Mutual Rescue offers its films for approved charitable events that benefit local animal-welfare organizations. We encourage animal shelters, rescue groups, community organizations, businesses, charities, foundations, and animal-loving individuals to design off-line Mutual Rescue film events for community engagement and fundraising.

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 2021/09/Film-Event-artwork-updated@3x.jpg Artwork by Barbara Sauceda
Artwork by Barbara Sauceda

Adopt a Companion Animal

Companion animals throughout the U.S. are waiting to be adopted. Start your own Mutual Rescue story by using this directory to search animal shelters and rescue organizations near you.

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  • Adopting a homeless companion animal gives us the opportunity to practice and perfect our ability to be more fully, openly, fearlessly, compassionately human.”
    Carol Novello, Founder and Author, Mutual Rescue

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