Mike & Abbie6:53


Mike’s life seems to be in harmony—until unforeseen events send him reeling into depression. One day he finds himself near an animal shelter and decides to stop in. There, he immediately bonds with Abbie, a traumatized puppy recently rescued from a busy highway. Together, they embark on an adventurous journey, discovering joy and purpose along the way.

When the silver lining of job loss comes with four legs and a surfboard.”

Constance G. Konold Career Coaching Crossroads

This is truly one of the best rescue stories I have ever seen. This sweet girl Abbie found genuine love with Mike, and in the process they both found purpose and genuine joy. I was moved to tears.”

Donna Carissimi

  • Top Dog Film Festival

  • NY Dog Film Festival

  • Bow Wow Film Festival

  • Secret Adventures, London

  • I would never have known my full potential if I hadn’t helped a shelter dog find hers first.”
    Michael Uy