Bhuvana & Abhishek & Lollipop7:48

Cats Mental Health, Relationships

Bhuvana and Abhishek fall in love in their native India, marry, and move to the U.S. With the decline and death of Bhuvana’s father in India, their marriage hits turbulence that unexpectedly causes them to drift apart. Lollipop, the shy kitten they’d recently adopted, guides them to a safe harbor.

What wonderful work you’ve done showing the importance that pets play in our lives.”

Lea Michele, actor and singer

I volunteered to work with cats at our local animal shelter. On one eventful evening, I noticed Lollipop’s cubicle, since it appeared empty because she was hiding in her cubby. She did not come out at all to see the commotion of adopters. No one had gone to visit her that day and I felt bad for the shy unnoticed black kitten. I entered her cubby. Lollipop took a few seconds to put on her brave face and poked her head out to see who had come to visit her. Although I couldn’t have known it then, our mutual rescue had just started.”

Bhuvana Hariharasubramanian

  • Sharecare Emmy 2021

  • NY Cat Film Festival

  • Lollipop’s a black cat who’s added color to our lives.”
    Abhishek Raut