Jade & Trubs5:48

Cats Autism, Children, Disabilities

From the moment their paths first cross, an “unadoptable,” chronically ill shelter cat named Double Trouble (“Trubs”) senses Jade’s challenges as a young autistic girl with sensory sensitivities. Trubs intuitively knows just how to calm Jade at bedtime, when she is most distressed. Meanwhile, Trubs’s health improves dramatically. The two friends flourish together.

We want this film to bring awareness that animals help people as much as people help animals—especially children with special needs. Also, we hope our story encourages people to give a special-needs companion animal the chance to have a loving home. Although it can take time and patience to establish a bond, for Jade and Trubs it came quickly. They were meant to cross paths and help each other.”

Jessica Allen, Jade’s mom

This inspirational piece demonstrates that chronic conditions never define any of our lives.”

Tim Shriver, Chair, Special Olympics

  • Sharecare Emmy 2021

  • NY Cat Film Festival

  • Adopting this little cat that no one wanted has been the best decision that we’ve ever made.”
    Jessica Allen, Jade’s mom