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Kylie & Liza

A Mutual Rescue Film, 2017

In her final days, a courageous, free-spirited girl named Kylie is comforted by her rescue kitten Liza.

Kylie’s compassionate last requests are that her father help find a cure for childhood cancer and that her mother care for her kitten. In the same way she bonded with Kylie when she most needed her, Liza intuitively comforts her bereaved family.


“Liza was just completely devoted to loving on Kylie. She had this purpose and it was the most beautiful thing to see.”

Q&A with Robin and Mark Myers, Kylie’s parents

Q: What motivated you to submit your story to Mutual Rescue?

Robin and Mark: Last spring, we saw Mutual Rescue’s film “Eric & Peety” and were moved by it. We went to the Mutual Rescue website to see if there were other similar stories, discovered their Call for Mutual Rescue Stories, and submitted our story about Kylie and her rescue kitten, Liza.

Q: What has happened with the Myers family since filming “Kylie & Liza”?

Robin and Mark: Kylie had asked her dad Mark to help find a cure for childhood cancer and now he is doing exactly that in his new job with CURE.

Q: What was the experience like being filmed for Mutual Rescue?

Robin and Mark: It was wonderful. Everyone we met and worked with from Mutual Rescue and filmmakers Advocate Creative was incredibly professional and made us feel comfortable telling a rather hard story. They were encouraging, friendly, and told us what to expect at every step. We trusted them with sensitive photos and our trust was returned in how respectfully they portrayed Kylie’s last days. We felt like they invested their heart into this effort and joined us to do something good with this story.

Q: What was your first reaction when you saw “Kylie & Liza”?

Robin and Mark: We loved it. When you film so much material and leave it with someone else, you have no idea what will come back in the final version. For us, they magically brought Kylie back to life. People who never met her get to see Kylie’s spirit, which is crucial to the overall story. They also get to see how a silly, loyal, rescue kitten became such a godsend to us. We are so proud to be a part of this initiative and hope that people recognize, in a powerful way, the value of the human/animal connection.

Q: What has the response to your film been like?

Robin and Mark: Recently, Mutual Rescue held a private screening of its first five films. We attended, along with the other subjects in the films and everyone involved in the Mutual Rescue Initiative. It was an overwhelmingly inspirational and emotional day for all of us. As “Kylie & Liza” came to an end, we were introduced and had the opportunity to tell the audience that Kylie would have been very proud of this film and the potential good it will do toward saving homeless animals and ending childhood cancer around the world.

The Kylie & Liza story lives through those involved in the film experience, and through the many who will continue to be touched by it.

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