Eric & Peety6:25


Eric’s physical and mental health decline so precipitously that his physician warns him he might not last five more years. He consults a naturopathic doctor, who prescribes a plant-based diet—and a shelter dog. Skeptically, Eric visits an animal shelter and is introduced to Peety, a surrendered dog with sad eyes. That’s the moment their lives change direction.

Filming ‘Eric & Peety’ was a wonderful experience and made me a local celebrity in my community. The film crew spent two days running trails with me and my dog, Jake. Based on the filmmakers’ state-of-the-art equipment—including drones—someone in my neighborhood started a rumor that I was an astronaut, so now, when I walk Jake, little kids run up to us and ask when we are going to the moon.” 

Eric O’Grey

Get bolder: Tell a story in a way no one else is doing, like the emotional short film ‘Eric & Peety’ from Mutual Rescue.” 

Ann Handley, Keynote Speaker, Content Marketing Academy 2016

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  • Communicator Award of Distinction

  • Davey Awards, Silver

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  • Bow Wow Film Festival

  • I’m still here because a shelter dog saved my life.”
    Eric O’Grey