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Josh & Scout

A Mutual Rescue Film, 2017

"Even before he was my cat, before he even knew me that well, Scout saved my life."

“He put me on a different path. He gave me the confidence to try to come back from all the adversity that I was feeling.”
—Josh Marino

About the Film

In this powerfully inspirational story, we follow a brave young soldier from a battlefield in Iraq, where he sustained traumatic injuries in a mortar attack, to Fort Riley, Kansas. There, during a thunderstorm, a kitten suddenly appears to save the soldier’s life, then later disappears, only to reappear at another pivotal moment in both their lives.

“Even before he was my cat, before he even knew me that well, Scout saved my life. He put me on a different path. He gave me the confidence to try to come back from all the adversity that I was feeling.” — Josh Marino

“‘Josh & Scout’ is an outstanding film—emotionally absorbing, memorable, shareable, and relatable. As one who works with veterans in Texas, I firmly believe this Mutual Rescue film will impact numerous stakeholders: the veteran who is lost in that fog we all walk through at some point, the family member who is trying to understand what is going on, and the caregiver or support-network member who may be frustrated at speed or lack of progress in rebuilding resilience. And vast numbers of the American public will get a dang fine success story.” — Anthony Cucolo, Major General (Ret), U.S. Army

“Josh Marino’s intellect, empathy, and compulsion for selfless service make him an excellent example of the quality of people who are serving and who have served in our armed forces.” — Dr. Rory A. Cooper, Director, Human Engineering Research Laboratories, University of Pittsburgh

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Q&A with the co-star of “Josh & Scout,” Josh Marino

Q: What was your reaction when you watched “Josh & Scout” for the first time?

Josh: I was elated for the film’s potential but, of course, was also heartbroken by the memories it brought back. Seeing this Mutual Rescue film come together and celebrate Scout’s life—and the effect he had on my life—felt like a catharsis that was years in the making. I want others who find themselves in the same situation that I was once in to know that, even in the darkest of times, there is always a ray of light to guide you home. And sometimes that hope comes from the most unexpected sources.

Q: What were your impressions of the Mutual Rescue Film Festival, where “Josh & Scout” was first screened for an audience?

Josh: It was fantastic! My wife, Becky, and I traveled to California and were very excited to meet the individuals from the other Mutual Rescue films; we instantly related to them. We were surprised and very touched by the outpouring of support and gratitude from the audience.

Q: What words best describe your co-star, Scout?

Josh: Playful, feisty, attentive, impatient—and utterly adoring.

Q: What rescue animals are part of your family now?

Josh: Our four cats are: Squeakers, a 14-year-old hefty orange Manx mix rescued as a kitten from a cardboard box at a flea market; Misty, a 13-year-old brown tabby who was originally being fostered by us but eventually became another family member; Alice, an 8-year-old, all-white shorthair who was adopted by Becky at the same time I adopted Scout; and Theo, an 8-year-old short-haired Russian Blue who follows me around inside and outside the house like a little grey shadow—he’s my little buddy and he knows it. We also have three ferrets: the two males, Bruce and Romeo, are rescues from the Three Rivers Ferret Rescue; and the 7-year-old female, Harley, was adopted at the University of Pittsburgh.

Q: How have you been honored by the United States military?

Josh: My medals and awards from my days of active duty include the Purple Heart, the Army Achievement Medal, the Combat Action Badge, the Army Commendation Medal, and multiple Good Conduct Medals, among other awards. However, I like to think that I’m still serving—albeit in a different uniform—so I also count my experiences since active duty as honors themselves. These include providing support to the Sergeant Major of the Army while he ran in the Pittsburgh Marathon, discussing the future of the military and veterans’ issues with the Army Chief of Staff, General Mark Milley, and being invited to the White House to participate in the 2017 Soldier Ride.

Q: What changes have occurred in your life since your story was filmed by Mutual Rescue?

Josh: We didn’t realize it at the time but, while we were being interviewed and filmed, a tiny person was just starting to develop within my wife. We welcomed our daughter, Penelope, into the world on February 24, 2017. Every day she brings a new joy and another reason to laugh.

I’ve also completed my internship, the final step in earning my M.S. in Clinical Rehabilitation and Mental Health Counseling, and am now employed with the same organization with which I worked as a veteran peer mentor. Last fall, we were awarded a newly renovated home in Pittsburgh through the Military Warriors Support Foundation, Homes for Wounded Heroes, and PNC Bank. We moved in last December and are overjoyed that our daughter will grow up in her own room, decorated with love and plenty of sunshine.

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