Tracy & Jack5:20

Dogs Disabilities, Rehabilitation

Tracy loves horseback riding. One day, she is thrown from her horse, sustaining long-term injuries. At the same time, in a nearby town, a dog survives being struck by a car but loses an eye and leg in surgery. From the moment they meet at an animal shelter, Tracy intuitively understands that their paths to rehabilitation have converged.

I am thankful for goofy, joyful, intuitive Jack every day. I didn’t know it when I adopted him but we met when we most needed each other’s support. Jack has helped me heal—body, mind, and heart. Jack and I continue to inspire, encourage, and rescue each other every day. I’m so thankful that he has helped me find my balance.” 

Tracy Campion

It’s no wonder that people were made for dogs. We share the same needs—for love, companionship, friendship, and support. When Tracy and Jack separately suffered extreme injuries, together they managed to heal each other, though in typical dog fashion Jack never seemed to acknowledge his disabilities. His positive attitude and spirit spread to Tracy, helping her along her own road to recovery.”

Mark Ulriksen
Mutual Rescue stories judge, author and illustrator of Dogs Rule Nonchalantly, and prolific cover artist for The New Yorker

  • When I got Jack, I felt like I was helping him with his disabilities. Looking at my life now, I realize that he was actually helping me with mine. ”
    Tracy Campion