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Mutual Rescue Doggy Day Out encourages people to take dogs from local shelters on outings and field trips in the community. Common Doggy Day Outs can include a hike, a trip to a beach or lake, a sleepover in a home or even a nice dinner in a pet friendly restaurant. These outings help shelter dogs manage kennel stress, burn off energy and get more exposure in their communities.

Doggy Day Out only requires minimal training commitments for participants. This encourages members of the public, who normally wouldn’t have time to volunteer, to engage with their local shelter and advocate for the animals. It's a great excuse to get out and get some exercise or explore with a canine sidekick.

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Why should shelters participate in Doggy Day Out programs?

Doggy Day Out also helps you reach a new segment of your community. Most people only interact with a shelter to surrender or adopt a pet or if they have time to volunteer. Doggy Day Out invites the community to engage with your organization and become advocates, adopters and donors.

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Doggy Day Out can help

  • Relieve kennel stress in shelter dogs
  • Give you more information about how your dogs behave in the real world
  • Get the dogs greater visibility and exposure to potential adopters
  • Spread your shelter's message in the community

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