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A gift to email subscribers: the Mutual Rescue Coloring Pages For All Ages.

The free download includes 13 illustrations to color from Mutual Rescue films “Kimo & Jazz,” “Keema & Her Pack,” “Bhuvana & Abhishek & Lollipop,” “Jade & Trubs,” “Kim & Brian & Lana,” “Sarah & Domino,” “Patrick & Grace,” “Mike & Abbie,” “Jessi & Andi,” “Josh & Scout,” “Tracy & Jack,” “Kylie & Liza,” and “Eric & Peety.” 

Color on Paper: Download the PDF and print on your home or office printer. Use markers, colored pencils, crayons or any other media you love to make your own Mutual Rescue art. 

Color Digitally: Open the PDF in your preferred painting app and color digitally with a tablet and stylus. 

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