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Tracy & Jack

A Mutual Rescue Film, 2017

“He has three legs and one eye... but it has no impact on him whatsoever. To Jack, everything is a source of joy.” —Tracy Campion

“When Tracy and Jack separately suffered extreme injuries, together they managed to heal each other, though in typical dog fashion Jack never seemed to acknowledge his disabilities. His positive attitude and spirit spread to Tracy, helping her along her own road to recovery.” —Mark Ulriksen, Mutual Rescue stories judge, New Yorker cover artist, and the author and illustrator of Dogs Rule Nonchalantly

Q&A with Tracy Campion

Q: Why did you submit your story to Mutual Rescue?

Tracy: I saw Mutual Rescue’s film “Eric & Peety” and was deeply touched by its message. I thought, “Wow, Jack completely changed my life, too, and he continues to do so every day.” Then Seattle DogSpot posted Mutual Rescue’s call for stories, so I submitted ours because I thought that Jack might inspire others as much as he has inspired me. I was hoping that our story might resonate with people who had also experienced physical trauma or adopted an animal with special needs.

Q: What can we learn from Jack?

Tracy: All things in life should be approached with joy, hope, kindness, compassion, and love. Challenges should be faced head-on and without thinking about one’s possible limitations. You’ll be surprised at what you can do.

Q: Bring us up-to-date on what’s happened in your lives since Mutual Rescue filmed your story last summer.

Tracy: Since then, my marriage ended and one of my senior cats, Murphy, passed away. And through it all, Jack was there. I’ve never felt happier, healthier, or more optimistic than I do today. Jack is a big part of that. We celebrated his fourth birthday in March. He continues to make friends and inspire people wherever we go. Jack recently made friends with another tri-pod pup and he can walk and run with me for six miles now—with breaks in between for both of us, of course! I’m working on a book with animal behaviorist Dr. Jim Ha and, along with Sarah Bous-Leslie, I continue to be the co-publisher of Pet Connection Magazine—a bimonthly publication that focuses on the thriving animal-loving community of the Pacific Northwest.

Q: What three words best describe Jack?

Tracy: Intuitive. Goofy. Joyful.

Q: What are your hopes for “Tracy & Jack”?

Tracy: I hope that our Mutual Rescue film inspires others to adopt special-needs animals like Jack. They’ll completely change your outlook on life and fill you with more joy than you could possibly imagine. I also hope that it reminds people of the healing power that animals have and how much we can learn from them, as we share so much in common.

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