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Kim & Brian & Lana

A Mutual Rescue Film, 2019

“Grief is just love with nowhere to go. A rescue dog has given us a place to put that love.”
—Brian Rose

About the Film

Kim and Brian were devastated by the death of their infant daughter, Aria. Through therapy and blogging with other mothers who had also lost infants, Kim found ways to cope with her profound sadness. Brian, however, did not. As he became increasingly isolated and socially withdrawn, their marriage was at risk until they crossed paths with Lana, a stray dog who had been rescued from the streets. Lana’s intuition and loving attention helped the grieving couple save their marriage.

Update: Since their story was filmed by Mutual Rescue, Kim and Brian and Lana have welcomed a new member to their family, a baby boy named Noah.

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Q&A with Kim and Brian Rose

Q: What’s happened in your lives since we filmed your story?

Kim: Recently, our lives have been quite a whirlwind! We decided to try to expand our family once more and now have a son, Noah, born last January.

Q: Any advice for other fathers on this Fathers’ Day, when your film is being released?

Brian: Cherish it. No matter your circumstances, being a dad is always a gift.

Q: Why did you decide to submit your story to Mutual Rescue?

Kim: We felt compelled to share how a rescue dog could have the ability to be a lifeline to someone so bogged down by grief. Lana changed Brian’s life in an instant, and we hope that someone else might hear our story and find that same comfort in a rescue animal, too.

Q: How is Lana?

Kim: Lana is adjusting wonderfully to being a big sister. She’s shifted from her rambunctious, playful self into a gentle, nurturing dog. Early this morning, I caught her lying across from Noah’s crib, watching him as he slept. Even though Noah takes a large portion of our attention these days, we still make sure to carve out time to play fetch or tug-o-war with Lana. We still see Lana as our connection to our sweet baby girl in heaven, and we know she will enrich Noah’s life as he grows, just as his big sister would have done if she were still with us.

Q: What are your hopes for the Mutual Rescue film and book that feature your story?

Kim: We hope that our story inspires others to make room in their hearts and homes for these amazing animals. Their impact can be transformative, and often even greater than we imagine.

Brian: When people watch our film and read our story, I hope they can see that, although Kim and I still grieve for Aria every day, Lana constantly pushes us into joy and hope. She meets us in our sadness, and walks with us into happiness every single day—and she never gets tired of it.

Q: What was the experience like for you when your film was screened for the first time, at the Mutual Rescue Film Festival in the Bay Area?

Kim: It was remarkable to be able to share our story in that way. So many people not only connected with our loss but also shared in the joy that Lana has brought to our lives.

Q: What advice would you give to people considering adopting an animal companion?

Kim: Above all else, have an open heart. Be willing to see what kind of adventure your animal wants to take you on. Let them be your guide when the road ahead feels uncertain. They know the way.

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