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Why Mutual Rescue?

Helping animals also helps people – often in miraculous ways…

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A Brief History of Mutual Rescue

The Spark

In the summer of 2015, the paths of Carol Novello and David Whitman crossed at a Bay Area café, thanks to their mutual colleague Sally Hazard Bourgoin. Their first conversation centered on the fascinating connections between animals and people, and subsequently sparked a new national initiative: Mutual Rescue.

People and Animals

Mutual Rescue’s purpose was to challenge a commonly held misconception about animal-welfare philanthropy—that gifts to animal shelters and rescue organizations reduce charitable giving to organizations benefiting people, and that the two causes are somehow mutually exclusive. Mutual Rescue aims to change the conversation from “people or animals” to “people and animals.”

Stories, Films and the Book

Through sharing authentic stories in film and print, Mutual Rescue presents compelling evidence that when people adopt animals, their own lives are often dramatically transformed in positive ways as well. Extrapolating that powerful dynamic, entire communities also benefit immensely through greater compassion for all beings

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Doggy Day Out

While not everyone can own an animal, everyone can benefit spending time with them. With Doggy Day Out programs, people can spend a few hours giving a homeless dog a much needed break from the shelter. These programs are shown to reduce stress in dogs waiting for new homes and help them find homes sooner. They also give people the opportunity to benefit from the company of a pet while doing something good. Helping shelters start these programs and driving participants to them is one of our larger goals: encouraging people to engage with shelters on a local level.

Launch and Partnerships

Mutual Rescue was established in 2015 under the auspices of one of the nation’s foremost animal community centers, Humane Society Silicon Valley. Initial financial support came from Timi and John M. Sobrato and Sue and John Diekman, the founding sponsors of Mutual Rescue.

To encourage people to submit their personal stories, Mutual Rescue partnered with an award-winning agency based in Chicago, Advocate Creative, to create a pilot film called “Eric & Peety.” Originally posted on Valentine’s Day 2016 as a tribute to the love between people and their animal companions, “Eric & Peety” inspired some 400 submissions during the Call for Mutual Rescue Stories in the spring of 2016.

Going Viral

Since then, tens of millions of people around the world have watched “Eric & Peety.” The remarkable account of Eric O’Grey and his two adopted dogs has generated an international cascade of comments and responses, social-media shares, articles, reviews, television broadcasts, podcasts, film festival awards, and a future book. It has also attracted the support of donors, sponsors, and volunteers who see Mutual Rescue as an innovative agent of change.

The Book

The success of Eric & Peety and the subsequent Mutual Rescue films inspired President Carol Novello to write a book. In Mutual Rescue, How Adopting A Homeless Animal Can Save You, Too, Carol delves into even more stories of people and animals rescuing each other as well as the science behind the unique bond between people and their pets.

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Our Very First Rescue Film

Carol Novello, Co-Creator of Mutual Rescue, speaks about the national initiative to help animals and people, and the viral story of Eric & Peety.

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Mutual Rescue Film Festival Awards
Mutual Rescue Film Festival Awards
Mutual Rescue Film Festival Awards
Mutual Rescue Film Festival Awards

Mutual Rescue focuses on elevating the cause of helping homeless animals and celebrating the special bond between people and animals.

Through its efforts, Mutual Rescue hopes to illustrate that helping animals also helps people—often in miraculous ways.


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