Mutual Rescue: The Benefits When People and Pets Adopt Each Other (podcast)

By Mutual Rescue


Mutual Rescue: The Benefits When People and Pets Adopt Each Other (53:08)

Psych Up Live podcast host Dr. Suzanne B. Phillips in conversation with Mutual Rescue’s Carol Novello, May 9, 2019, encore November 25, 2021

In this Psych Up Live encore podcast, Carol Novello, founder of Mutual Rescue and author of the new book “Mutual Rescue: How Adopting a Homeless Animal Can Save You, Too” shares her story and the countless stories of others who reveal the powerful impact of adopted pets and their owners upon each other. From Parkland High School students, who lost friends in the horrific school shooting but found the presence and adoption of dogs to be the bridges from terror and loss to love and comfort, to couples improving their relationships, to people helped with physical illness, addiction recovery, or finding a purpose in life—adopting a dog is a gift that keeps on giving, even to others beyond the pet and owner. Novello underscores stories with scientific research that verifies and expands what people are reporting, even tracing how it is that wolves and wildcats came to be the dogs that love to sleep in our beds and the cats that own our sofas. Listen in and prepare to feel a heart tug!


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