TEDx Talk by Mutual Rescue’s Carol Novello: “How Rescue Animals Biohack Human Hearts and Dissolve Unconscious Bias”

WATCH: TEDx Talk by Carol Novello from March 7, 2022, Boston (9:22): “How Rescue Animals Biohack Human Hearts and Dissolve Unconscious Bias.”

By opening our hearts to a rescue animal, our minds can be changed in an instant. This act teaches us about connection and dissolves the “other” to which we are unconsciously biased.


Carol Novello is the founder of Mutual Rescue and author of Mutual Rescue: How Adopting a Homeless Animal Can Save You, Too (Grand Central Publishing). She received her Bachelor’s degree in Economics and English from Dickinson College and her MBA from Harvard Business School. Novello held several senior executive positions at Intuit before shifting her focus to animal welfare where she served as president of Humane Society Silicon Valley for nearly a decade. She is currently on the board of directors at CUDDLY, Inc. Her family includes three rescues: cats Herbie and Porchini and mixed-breed mutt Daisy.

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