Audio broadcast: “Mutual Rescue: How and Why Bonds with Homeless Pets Change Lives”

CLICK TO LISTEN: VoiceAmerica’s “Psych Up Live,” March 9, 2023, Dr. Suzanne Phillips in conversation with Mutual Rescue’s Carol Novello (49:35).

In this broadcast, Novello returns to “Psych Up Live” with an exciting and expansive focus on the power of people-pet rescue and connection. Discussing the stories captured in a new set of award-winning short films, Novello considers how Mutual Rescue addresses trauma, pain, othering, bias, and loneliness. She discusses the neurophysiology of the pet-person connection and describes options for people who cannot actually adopt a pet but want to share in the experience of loving homeless animal companions. As she explains, an animal’s ability to show us unfiltered affection and loyalty, despite the heartbreaks and loss of everyday life, teaches us so much about the courage to embrace each moment of connection.