Mutual Rescue’s “Bhuvana & Abhishek & Lollipop” awarded 2021 Sharecare Emmy

The Sharecare Awards, in association with the New York chapter of the National Academy of Television Arts and Sciences, annually recognize excellence in health and wellness programming. On November 17, actor and singer Lea Michele presented the 2021 Sharecare Emmy in the Pet Health category to Mutual Rescue’s Carol Novello for the documentary short film “Bhuvana & Abhishek & Lollipop.” 

“What wonderful work you’ve done showing the importance that pets play in our lives.”
—Lea Michele

“Over the last year and especially in the challenging pandemic environment, we’ve witnessed the powerful role that content can play in people’s individual health journeys as well as the well-being of our communities. Our 2021 Sharecare Awards winners represent best-in-class productions that not only educate but also inspire others to action, and it is our privilege to celebrate their incredible work.”
—Donna Hill Howes, chief nursing officer and senior vice president of corporate partnerships, Sharecare

“I volunteered to work with cats at our local animal shelter. On one eventful evening, I noticed Lollipop’s cubicle, since it appeared empty because she was hiding in her cubby. She did not come out at all to see the commotion of adopters. No one had gone to visit her that day and I felt bad for the shy unnoticed black kitten. I entered her cubby. Lollipop took a few seconds to put on her brave face and poked her head out to see who had come to visit her. Although I couldn’t have known it then, our mutual rescue had just started.”
—Bhuvana Hariharasubramanian

“Bhuvana & Abhishek & Lollipop, A Mutual Rescue Film” • Timi Sobrato and John M. Sobrato, sponsors • Tectonic Video, filmmakers • Alex Williamson, music • Mutual Rescue: Carol Novello, founder and author • David Whitman, executive producer • Finnegan Dowling, social media and program manager • Kurt Krukenberg, president • Blythe Jack, strategic adviser.