Josh & Scout6:30


While stationed in Kansas at Fort Riley after combat deployment in Iraq, Josh suffers from PTSD and severe depression. Just as he is about to take his life, an unlikely savior appears from under the bushes—a rain-soaked stray kitten he calls Scout.

‘Josh & Scout’ is an outstanding film—emotionally absorbing, memorable, shareable, and relatable. As one who works with veterans in Texas, I firmly believe this Mutual Rescue film will impact numerous stakeholders: the veteran who is lost in that fog we all walk through at some point, the family member who is trying to understand what is going on, and the caregiver or support-network member who may be frustrated at speed or lack of progress in rebuilding resilience. And vast numbers of the American public will get a dang fine success story.”

Anthony Cucolo, Major General (Ret), U.S. Army

I’m so thankful for Scout happening into my life when he did. If not for him, I never would have known the love of my wife, the potential I had to help others, or that my mission in this world is far from over. I’m thankful that he rescued me from myself, and I wish whole-heartedly that he were with us today, if only to curl up with and love our baby daughter!”

Josh Marino

  • NY Cat Film Festival

  • Scout saved my life. He gave me the confidence to try to come back from all the adversity that I was feeling.”
    Josh Marino