Kim & Brian & Lana7:42


Kim and Brian are devastated by the death of their newborn daughter. Kim finds some solace through journaling and networking. Brian, however, becomes remote and isolated, imprisoned by grief and depression without a support network. Adopting an abandoned dog named Lana finally gives Brian an outlet for his grief and helps save the couple’s drifting marriage.

Above all else, have an open heart. Be willing to see what kind of adventure your animal companions want to take you on. Let them be your guide when the road ahead feels uncertain. They know the way.”

Kim Rose

‘Grief is just love with no place to go.’ These words are the purest truth I have encountered in the past couple years dealing with grief and loss. Thank you, Mutual Rescue. When I was diagnosed with cancer, I decided to look towards the needs of animal friends, to focus on all the love I could give to another and all the hurt I could possibly heal or lend empathy to. I found my focus on Mutual Rescue and several other organizations and that, along with two of my own pets, helped me through a rough time in my life. Losing my animal companions after the cancer has been harder than the illness itself but Mutual Rescue videos have been a salve to that wound.”

Stephanie, teacher

  • Grief is just love with nowhere to go, and Lana has given us a place to put that love.”
    Brian Rose