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In this space, we share selected responses to Mutual Rescue films.

Since the launch of the first Mutual Rescue film “Eric & Peety,” we’ve received hundreds of stories and responses about the how the film and Mutual Rescue affected them. Read a selection of the responses or share your own!

“I wanted to say thank you so much for your story about Peety and his positive effect on Eric. I have recently been diagnosed with a not very nice life-limiting illness so have adopted a dog, the first in my life. His name is Bertie.

We are becoming fast friends. When I’m not with Bertie, I’m thinking about him. I can only imagine how Eric and Peety must have become so important for each other’s life over the years they were together. The film made me cry when Eric spoke about Peety passing away. In fact, I’m crying again now just remembering it!

I feel an obligation to help other dogs in need, so I’ve recently become involved in our local dog rescue charity. I hope that Mutual Rescue will inspire many people around the world to adopt a pet to change their lives for the better.”

—T.S., Australia

“I just saw “Eric & Peety” for the second time. I found it both inspiring and motivating. I am in a similar situation—overweight and listless after years of being a runner and gym-rat, sidelined by a medical issue. My medical malady was eradicated by surgery in 2012, but after a year from onset-to-diagnosis-to-surgery, my good habits were long gone and I have struggled since to get back into a healthy routine.

I have often thought of getting a dog as companion and co-runner, and am finally doing just that. When I saw “Eric & Peety” again this morning I knew I was on the right path!”

—D.M., Canada

“I saw “Eric & Peety” on the Portuguese television program “Animais Anónimos” and it was very touching and inspiring for all of us. My dog died a few months ago and it is always difficult to see a friend of a lifetime leaving us.
As an animal lover, I love to see the passion of humans for animals, and above all what they bring that is good and positive to our lives.”

—B.S., Portugal

“Eric, I just want to say your story touched my heart. I don’t think a video has ever made me cry before. I am currently studying veterinary medicine and whenever things get hard, I think about people like you and how important animals like Peety are to you—and how important you are to them.

And it’s not just me. All of my peers feel the same way, and people like you are the reason a lot of vets go into this field. I guess my point is that I want you to know every time an animal’s life is saved, it’s because of beautiful stories like yours and the impact they’ve had on kids who will grow up to be vets.”

—S.K., online

June 19, 2016, Fathers’ Day
My usual routine had me up before my family, sitting at my computer reading the news. At some point I saw a human-interest story about a man and his dog (or a dog and his man). Once again, it brought me face to face with my lifelong struggle of being overweight. I not only understood the man’s pain but once again felt my own.

On December 31, 2014, we lost our beloved Tyler, a yellow lab and 14-year member of our family. I was, and still am, broken-hearted. We honestly had no intention of trying to fill the void in our lives. I really felt as though I would be betraying my friend.

In many ways Tyler was still with me. Anytime I put on dark clothing there is always that one yellow hair, a constant reminder of my loss. On March 3, 2015, our friends’ dog had puppies. I tried to act excited when I saw the pictures but my heart just wasn’t in it. Over the next weeks they shared more pictures and there was this one little boy that continued to catch my eye. Maybe it was the grief but there was something in the way this one little fellow lay that I just couldn’t get past, he reminded me so much of Tyler.

On April 28 2015, Cody came home with us and so began a new chapter in our lives.

Back to June 19, 2016, Fathers’ Day
I got up from my desk and went to the garage to check my weight: 299 pounds. I returned to my office and made the entry in my logbook, I was down 4.5 pounds from the previous June. Not a huge victory but as I went back through the previous years I found it was the first June in the past seven years I had been under 300 pounds. I’ve been keeping a logbook for many years tracking my weight and morning glucose levels. It’s been a great way to keep track so that “next Monday,” when I really get serious about my health, I would have a record to reflect my progress.

I watched your video one more time. The sun came up and my household began to stir. After a cup of coffee, Cody and my wife and I embarked on our morning walk. After 28 years of marriage, 5 kids, and 9 grandkids, Fathers’ Day is just another day with a kiss and “I really didn’t get you anything.” This time, though, I added, “there is one thing I’d like—I want to change our lifestyle for 12 weeks.”

After 12 weeks, September 12, 2016, our 29th wedding anniversary

I went out to the garage to check my weight, 266 pounds. I was down 33 pounds, 40 pounds less than the previous September, and my wife was down 12 pounds. Additionally, my morning glucose was good, my chronic joint pain gone, more energy, better sleep patterns. My blood work, which had previously been at the extreme high end of the “normal range,” came back in the lower third of the normal range.

After 24 weeks, January 1, 2017, New Year’s Day

I went out to the garage this morning to check my weight: 248 pounds, down a total of 51 pounds. My blood work continues to improve. I am not currently nor have I been on any medications. With the new year comes a new focus, renewed energy, and a better understanding of the high-caloric foods, nuts, and breads that I will do a better job of avoiding.

In this moment of reflection, at the dawn of 2017, I feel so very blessed and excited with a sense of hope that I have not known in many years. I owe so very much to “Eric & Peety.”

Thank you for sharing your inspirational story.

—S.K., California

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