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In its first year, Mutual Rescue has generated excitement all around the world. We have received many questions about the initiative and will share some of the most frequently asked here.

Q: How were the stories for the Mutual Rescue films selected?

All submissions we received from the Call for Mutual Rescue Stories in the spring of 2016 were evaluated in a 4-tier selection process. To advance to the final tier, stories had to demonstrate a clear mutual rescue theme, whereby the person and animal each profoundly benefited from the other. Additionally, only stories from the U.S. were eligible. The stories were screened by people with expertise in animal welfare, visual storytelling, and other relevant fields. The same process is being followed for the 2017 Call for Mutual Rescue Stories.

Q: How many submissions did you get from your calls for Mutual Rescue stories?

We received over 400 submissions.

Q: Who judges the stories that you receive for the Mutual Rescue Call for Stories?

Our judges for 2016 and 2017 include notable experts in animal welfare, visual storytelling and other relevant fields: Dr. Marty Becker, Tom Corwin, Ethan Goldman, Maggie Lawson, Joshua McGuire, Jude McVay, Doug Menuez, Karen Mullarkey, Amy Shojai, Phoebe Smolan, Rick Smolan, Gina Spadafori, Morgan Spurlock, Tracey Stewart, and Mark Ulriksen. See the 2017 Call for Mutual Rescue Stories judges.

Q: What happened after your first film was released?

Eric & Peety” was posted on Valentine’s Day, 2016, as a sample film to encourage submissions for our national Call for Mutual Rescue Stories. Since that time, more than 90 million people have viewed the film online and its impact is being felt in countless ways around the globe. Best of all, shelter animals are finding loving homes and people’s lives are improving as a result.

Q: Is Mutual Rescue planning to expand beyond the U.S.?

This year, we are accepting Mutual Rescue stories from everywhere. However, only stories based in the U.S. will be considered for filming. All others will be eligible for print and online publications.

Q: I want to help. How can I get involved with Mutual Rescue?

Time, expertise, energy, enthusiasm, ideas, connections, goodwill, financial support, and love—these are ways you can help! Click here to find a local shelter.

Q: Can I show the films at my event?

Our goal is to help local animal shelters and rescue groups everywhere. If you would like to screen a Mutual Rescue film at your event, please tell us more about the opportunity.

Q: What is a rescue animal?

We define “rescue animals” as pets who were in need of a home and were adopted, including those from animal shelters and rescue organizations, found abandoned or wounded, removed from a dangerous or abusive environment, or given a new home before they would have ended up homeless or in a shelter.

Q: How can I help animals in my area?

Contact your local animal shelter or rescue organization to find out how to help. Click here to find a local shelter.

Q: How Does Doggy Day Out Relate To Mutual Rescue?

Animals bring such tremendous benefits to our lives but not everyone is in a position to have a pet. We support and promote Doggy Day Out to allow rescued dogs and people without pets to provide the benefits that pet owners enjoy. For people that do have pets, it’s a great way for them to help other animals and people find their very own Mutual Rescue.

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There are millions of animals looking for their forever homes.

Start your own Mutual Rescue story by searching for animals that are available for adoption at shelters and rescue organizations in your area. Or, find a local shelter or rescue to help with your donations.

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