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FAQ • Call for Mutual Rescue Stories 2017

We receive many inquiries about the Mutual Rescue initiative and about the call for Mutual Rescue Story Submissions. Here we share some of the most frequently asked questions.

Q: What is a Mutual Rescue story?

A true account of how you rescued an animal and how that animal rescued you.

Q: Who is eligible to submit stories?

People who are 13 years of age or older at the time of submission. Stories selected for filming must be in the United States, however stories selected for publication in print or online can be from anywhere in the world.

Q: What is a “rescue animal”?

Animals adopted from shelters or agencies, found, or rescued in other ways.

Q: How will the stories be used?

Selected stories from the United States will be filmed by Mutual Rescue. Stories from all countries that are not selected for filming may be used in other forms.

Q: Where can I watch a sample Mutual Rescue film?

Watch “Tracy & Jack,” “Kylie & Liza,” and “Eric & Peety” at
Other films will be released in the coming months.

Q: What kinds of animals can be included?

Any species, as long as the rescued animal rescued the person.

Q: How do I submit a story?

Complete the simple submission form at

How long can my story submission be?

Up to 750 words.

Q: What languages are acceptable?


Q: What are the criteria for selection?

It is the essence of the story that is most important, especially how the pet rescued the human. To be as inclusive as possible, the quality of writing is not a factor in selection. Judges evaluate stories for their mutual-rescue narrative, emotional impact, and originality.

Q: Who will select the stories?

All stories will be read in their entirety, screened for eligibility, categorized by subject, and preliminarily ranked by Mutual Rescue. Top contenders will be forwarded to a national panel of judges that includes authors, filmmakers, and animal-welfare advocates, among others, who will submit their recommendations to Mutual Rescue for final selection.

Q: May I submit more than one story?

Yes, if they are about different subjects.

Q: What is the deadline for submitting stories?

11:59 PM Pacific Time, Friday, June 30, 2017.

Q: Will my story be considered if my animal is no longer living?


Q: May I submit a Mutual Rescue story about someone else?

Yes, if the subject agrees before you submit the story.

Q: How many stories are being selected for filming and when will they be released?

We anticipate that four stories will be selected for Mutual Rescue’s 2018 films. They will be released individually throughout the year.

Q: How and when will the results be announced?

All participants will be notified by email in the fall of 2017.

Q: When and where will the stories be filmed?

Most likely, filming will take place in the winter of 2017–18, on location, exclusively in the United States.

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